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    Planning & Organizing An Investigation

    Courses & Webinars

    Interviewing Tip, Tricks and Techniques

    interviewing tips tricks and techniques
    Interviews are one of the most important components of an investigation. This course will outline ‘what an interview is’ and explain how if differs from a ‘cross examination’ or ‘interrogation’....

    Administrative Law for Investigators

    administrative law for investigators
    In this presentation instructors will discuss the basic principles of Fundamental Justice and how to apply them in an investigation to ensure your investigations are properly conducted. Topics include...

    Professional Articles & Commentary

    Healthcare-Specific Investigation FAQs

    healthcare workplace investigations faqs featured
    Before you dive into a healthcare investigation, it’s imperative that you take a step back and consider the following: Is a formal investigation necessary or are there other ways to triage the complaint?...

    The impact of trauma at work

    workplace trauma
    In today’s culture and society, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts of trauma on individuals and the devastating toll it can take. There is a growing openness — in both acknowledging...

    Managing communications during a workplace investigation 

    workplace communications
    Call it the grapevine, water cooler gossip or just plain old rumour spreading…when something happens at the office, the story can circulate like wildfire. The facts change, the speculation grows and...

    Facing the Facts on Workplace Toxicity

    workplace toxicity
    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein As lawyers, we pride ourselves on solving problems logically in accordance with fact and reason. On a host of legal...

    Investigations to maintain safe work environments

    safety investigations
    Maintaining a healthy work environment where your employees are excited to come to work and can feel safe and appreciated is paramount. Which is why it is important that when workplace issues arise, they...

    Investigation Triage

    investigation triage
    Investigation triage is perhaps the most important investigative step in the planning and organization stage of the process. Failure to take the necessary time to consider the pros and cons of the different...

    Terminology Pointers in Workplace Investigations

    terminology pointers in workplace investigations
    We would like to develop a common language about this component of the process, Investigate the Issues. When speaking about the entire Internal Investigation Process, we often say “We’re conducting...

    Core Competencies for Workplace Investigations

    Workplace Investigations are complex. Doing them effectively demands certain core competencies from both internal and external investigators. In our practice, we have seen dozens of internal and external...

    Legal Issues

    The Employer’s Legal Duty to Investigate

    employers legal duty to investigatge
    Although there is an abundance of non-legal reasons to properly conduct workplace investigations into harassment and bullying complaints, what’s the bottom line from a legal standpoint? What is the standard...

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