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    gathering information from a source

    Gathering Information from a Source

    When you are gathering information from a source, envision yourself working through a Cycle of questions:

    1. What are the issues?
    2. How is this source relevant to the issues?
    3. What specific information do I need from the Source?
    4. How to Gather the specific information form the Source?

    Continuously ask the overarching, planning, and structuring questions, and conduct by actively gathering information from a selected source. 

    The focus is to have an efficient, discreet, and fair method for gathering sufficient information about the issues. As you are considering the questions in The Cycle, you are thinking about the upsides and downsides of any actions. Remember, once you have chosen to take an action, you must have a reason for the decision. In addition, try to be aware of your biases, assumptions, and conclusions.

    The key to this component of the process is developing an organized methodology for gathering the information. We have presented The Cycle as an approach to thinking through the way to gather information. It can be adapted by your organization as well as to your own style. Whether it’s lists, spreadsheets, software programs, or any other tool, it should result in your thinking through an approach. 

    With the information you have gathered in the Investigate the Issues component, you will be able to move forward to the remaining components.

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