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    Workplace investigations that won’t disrupt the work
    Bridging the gap between legal and human resource practice
    Workplace Investigations and Culture Reviews for Healthcare, Government, First Nations, and the Private Sector

    Educate Yourself

    Learn how to conduct your own internal workplace investigation.

    If you’re considering an internal investigation or wondering when to involve a professional investigator, this is the place to learn more. When policies are breached or people are harmed, HR should be learning why it happened so it doesn’t happen again. That’s the value of a thorough internal investigation.

    The Method Resource Centre provides you with the tools you need to examine, investigate, understand and prevent many workplace claims including harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, assault, discrimination, professional misconduct, compromised health and safety and more.

    Not sure you can do it yourself? Connect with a Method lawyer for an assessment.

    Let Us Investigate

    Put decades of legal, HR, and workplace investigation experience to work for you

    Using a law firm to investigate your matter has its advantages:

    Knowledge, Experience, and Advice

    Let our experience guide you through the entire investigative process from planning and interviewing to drafting the report and advising on next steps.

    Confidentiality & Privilege

    Leverage solicitor-client privilege to keep the details of any investigation completely confidential.

    Ethical Obligations

    We stringently uphold the ethical standards of the Law Society to which we are accountable.

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    Who We Are

    We’re a workplace investigation firm run by leading employment lawyers, former judges, and HR managers who also have extensive experience as educators and investigators.

    Poorly executed workplace investigations lead to innocent people losing their jobs, real victims not getting justice and unnecessary liability for the organization. We saw both in private practice, and we always thought we could do a better job. So far so good.
    We bring decades of legal, HR, and Workplace Investigation experience to bear on ensuring your investigation is discreet, thorough, and efficient.

    As Alberta’s ONLY Workplace Investigation Law Firm and Investigation Resource Centre, we specialize in examining, dissecting, understanding and preventing claims of harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, assault, discrimination, professional misconduct, compromised health and safety and more.

    Workplace Investigation Services for Sensitive Work Environments

    academic workplace investigations


    Mitigate a politically charged campus with a legally defensible investigation that stands up to the most opinionated student journalists.

    non-profit workplace investigations


    Protect your reputation (and the revenue it generates) with a discreetly handled investigation that stays out of the headlines

    government workplace investigations


    Leverage our staff-centric approach to deal with internal issues before they become election issues.

    private business workplace investigations

    Private Business

    Demonstrate respect for employees by hiring a team with a history of representing both employees and employers in workplace law matters.

    Our Method

    Cooperative employees make investigations easier. So we start there.

    Decades of employment law experience informs our investigative style
    We’ve successfully resolved countless wrongful dismissal, human rights violations, harassment
    and bullying by knowing how to talk with employees at all levels.

    Our investigations don’t feel like investigations
    Your people will know we’re there, but they won’t feel threatened ⎯ and neither will
    the subject(s) of the investigation. We prefer to get the truth respectfully.

    We Don’t forget about the employee perspective
    It makes company-wide buy-in more likely, which will lead to moving faster
    towards a positive outcome and a way forward for everyone.

    Our training as lawyers expands what we can do for you
    We’re the only law firm in Alberta exclusively dedicated to workplace investigations. Let us handle the investigation and any complex legal issues that may arise out of a workplace investigation.

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