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    Professional Services

    Despite having highly qualified HR professionals and managers in your organization, some situations require looking outside the organization for specialized workplace investigation services or advice. This may be for any number of reasons, including impartiality, complexity, involvement of high-level employees or managers, or sheer size and scope of the investigation.

    If you need advice and direction quickly about how to proceed with a workplace investigation, contact us, and leverage our legal, investigatory, and human resources experience.

    Our areas of expertise:

      • Conducting workplace investigations into a variety of workplace and institutional matters, from sexual harassment on campus to toxic work environments, health & safety violations, and other forms of misconduct.
      • Advising HR and management on how to effectively-and legally- solve their workplace issues through their own internal workplace investigation.
      • Workplace remediation – training, education, and advice on how to improve or rehabilitate workplace culture either before or after a workplace incident.
      • Drafting and reviewing workplace policies for all aspects of the organization, from harassment & bullying to health & Safety matters.

    Whatever your organization is dealing with, you can turn to our specialized workplace investigation team, and we will see you through it.

    Our Services

    Conducting Workplace Investigations

    conducting a workplace investigation

    Advising on Workplace Investigations

    advising on a workplace investigation

    Workplace Culture Audits and Reviews

    workplace culture audit and reviews

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