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    Advantages of Using a Law Firm

    Using a law firm to investigate your matter has its advantages:

    Knowledge, Experience, and Advice

    • As a Law Firm, we can guide you through the entire investigative process from planning and interviewing to drafting the report and advising on next steps.
    • We have experience in prosecuting and defending wrongful dismissal claims.
    • We have a thorough understanding of the legal implications of both investigating your matter and how the conclusions can impact your organization.
    • Non-lawyer investigators may know how to interrogate or gather evidence, but they don’t see the big picture.

    Confidentiality & Privilege

    • Using a Law Firm for advice and direction respecting your investigation may give rise to solicitor-client privilege, meaning you don’t have to disclose the report to anyone, including employees, the Court, or any other authority.
    • Non-lawyer Investigators simply cannot offer this level of confidentiality.

    Ethical Obligations

    • As a Law Firm, we have taken an oath to maintain a level of professionalism and ethical standards ranging from confidentiality to how we communicate and respond to our clients and the public generally.
    • We take our ethical obligations seriously and bring them into your organization.
    • We are accountable to both your organization and the Law Society who regulates our conduct.
    • Non-lawyer investigators are generally unregulated and not accountable to anyone on a professional level.

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