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    Equipping teams with workplace investigation training

    Toxicity is a word that is commonly thrown around the workplace. In some cases, maybe a little too much.

    So how can management properly determine if there is actually a toxic atmosphere, and if so, what the cause is? It comes down to a proper investigation being done, which is harder to do than it sounds.

    In Alberta, the Occupational Health and Safety Act was changed in June 2018, requiring employers to investigate complaints of toxicity.  However, there was no guidance given for how to conduct investigations or who was to conduct the investigation. This in itself would present many problems, including investigations being done incorrectly and by staff with inadequate or little to no training.

    This is where Method can make a difference.

    Developing in-house skills

    Method is taking steps to equip staff — from managers to the executive level in human resources and other functional areas — with the tools they need to carry out the proper investigations. We know well-trained investigators will leave both employees and the employer confident that a thorough and appropriate investigation was carried out.

    External investigators are vital to have available for specific circumstances (i.e. complaints with the C-suite, etc.), but there are also smaller and simpler investigations that can be handled in-house if there is proper training.

    Through Method training, we will:

    • Create a community of practice
    • Provide common language around investigations and how they are conducted
    • Give staff the skills they need to conduct a proper investigation

    There are three training courses that will be offered through Method.

    1. Foundations CourseAvailable NOW!

    In this important Foundations course, a cohort of participants will be given a customized scenario on the first day. Through the course, participants will walk through the scenario and learn the theories behind the investigation. This will include:

    • Opening an investigation file
    • Properly conducting interviews
    • How to assess credibility
    • Assessing evidence
    • Report writing
    • and more

    For organizations looking for extra support, there is an opportunity to upgrade and receive extra support and mentorship for up to six months following the course.

    Designed for: Beginner to senior HR professionals within organizations

    This course is available now! A minimum of 7 people from one or several companies are required to run the course. Reach out to learn more and book your team today.

    1. Advanced Practitioner (Coming in 2023)

    The next steps after the Foundations course, expanding on key areas. We will take a deep dive into individual competencies. What you learned in the fundamentals will be explored in depth, with more advanced scenarios. Participants must have completed the Foundational prior to registering for this course.

    1. Senior Practitioner (Coming in 2024)

    A three-day immersive experience capturing all of the learnings from the previous courses.

    Custom training available

    To learn more about any training opportunities through Method or to set up a customized training session specific for your organization, please contact us to see how we can help.

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