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    Developing your skills to conduct a workplace investigation

    You may work in Human Resources or you’ve risen through the ranks to be a director or manager. And while you’ve gained important experience along the way, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the skills to conduct a proper workplace investigation. 

    Training matters. Skill development is important. Anyone assigned to carry out an internal investigation should be trained to ensure they are following proper process and due diligence to achieve a transparent, unbiased investigation.

    Training from Method

    Method Workplace Investigation Law wants to empower businesses and organizations to be able to carry out small and simple investigations that will instill confidence in both the employees and employers that it will be done properly. 

    The Method Foundations Course is a perfect place for you and your team to start building investigation skills.

    Designed for beginner to senior HR professionals within organizations, the aim is to build up in-house skills for proper investigations. This program wastes no time in getting to the meat of what your organization needs to know in order to conduct your investigation. 

    It starts with a customized scenario on day one. This challenging scenario will serve as a relatable theme as participants learn the basic skills needed during an investigation. 

    Skill development includes:

    • opening an investigation file
    • properly conducting interviews
    • how to assess credibility
    • assessing evidence
    • report writing
    • and more.

    This training course is not a boring Powerpoint; it is 16 to 19 hours of engaged learning that puts you right in a scenario you will likely face at one point or another.

    For Sean at Paladin Security, the training was invaluable. 

    “I have since completed an investigation at my site, utilizing the skills and tools provided by (Method). I can say with confidence the recent investigation completed is night and day difference in result compared to any historic investigations I have conducted.”

    Taking it to the next level

    If the learning experience leaves you wanting more. There is an upgraded option to receive six months of extra support and mentorship with the Foundational Plus program.

    This training will help create a community of practice, provide common language around investigations and how they are conducted, it will also give staff the foundational skills they need to executive an effective investigation. 

    It is also the building blocks for the advanced and senior practitioner courses which are in development.

    The Method Foundations Course is available now. A minimum of seven people from one or several companies is required to run the course. 

    Reach out to learn more and book your team today.

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