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    Categories: Professional Articles & Commentary

    Investigation Process

    Although every workplace investigation involves a unique set of facts, evidence, and people, there is an overarching process or method that ought to be followed to ensure thoroughness, consistency, and
    interview considerations

    Interview Considerations

    The structure for all investigation interviews should be the same. Intake Interviews versus Investigatory Interviews For an intake interview, you are capturing information to identify the issues. For
    bias in workplace investigations

    Bias in Workplace Investigations

    Conscious or unconscious strong feelings for or against something. Bias, thought processes The Bias Pyramid Actions Based on conclusions, actions may be taken that are inappropriate for addressing and
    gathering information from a source

    Gathering Information from a Source

    When you are gathering information from a source, envision yourself working through a Cycle of questions: What are the issues? How is this source relevant to the issues? What specific information do I

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