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    Categories: Blog

    small businesses

    Small businesses not immune in a digital world

    One email or social media post. That’s all it takes to bring years of hard work crashing to the ground for a business. Not even small businesses are immune from unacceptable actions of an employee, manager
    pride in the workplace

    Inclusion: having Pride in your workplace

    Your workplace is a reflection of what is happening in society. From social issues to the political landscape, those emotions, perspectives and feelings don’t stay outside your office doors. Instead,
    workplace issues municipality

    Workplace challenges at the municipal level

    We see municipal crews out around our cities each and every day. They are picking up garbage and recycling, repairing roads, maintaining sewers and landscaping our parks.  What we don’t see every
    bias in workplace investigations

    Dealing with bias in a workplace investigation

    What are you biased about? Everyone has at least one thing they are partial to, if not more. Before a workplace investigation can happen, an investigator needs to ask themselves what their bias is to question
    Toxic workplace

    Identifying toxicity in the workplace

    It’s 5 pm on a Wednesday; time to head home after another long day at work.   Once again, the day seemed longer than it should have. There was anxiety around doing routine things. The phone

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